Peterson Fruit Co., Inc.

Washington State Soft Fruit

Although we specialize in apples, Peterson Fruit also carries a wide variety of Washington State Soft Fruit.  Some of the soft fruit we offer is pictured below.  The Washington soft fruit season typically starts early June and runs to late September.  For more details, please call us at (425) 355-1050.

  • Chelan - Early June to Late June
  • Tieton - Early June to July
  • Bing - Mid June to Early August
  • Rainier - Late June - Early August
  • Lapin - Early July to Late August


  • Tomcot - Late June to Late July
  • Goldbar - Late June to End July
  • Goldrich - Early July to Early August
  • Rival - Early July to Early August
  • Perfection - Mid July to Mid August

  • Donut Peach - Throughout Season
  • Rich Lady - Mid to End July
  • Red Haven - Mid July to Mid August
  • O'Henry - Early to Mid September
  • Summer Beaut - Mid July to Mid Mid August
  • Laurie Red - Mid July to Early August
  • Red Gold - Mid August to Mid September
  • Supreme Red - Mid August to Mid September
  • September Red - Mid to End September
  • Early Italian - Early to Late August
  • Late Italian - Mid August to Late September

  • Friar - Early August to Mid September
  • Catalina - Mid August
  • Simka - Mid to Late August
  • President - Late August to Mid September
***Pictures from Washington State Fruit Commission/NW Cherries Website***
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