Peterson Fruit Co., Inc.

Washington State Apples

Peterson Fruit specializes in Washington State Apples.  We offer a variety of apples as well as different grades and sizes.  Some of our varieties are listed below.  For more information on pricing and availability, please call us at (425) 355-1050.
   Red Delicious (Available year round)
  • America's Favorite Apple
  • Mild-flavored, sweet and juicy
  • Deep ruby skin and a classic heart shaped 
   Golden Delicious (Available year round)
  • Firm, white flesh, mellow flavor
  • Preferred "All Purpose" cooking apple
  • Great fresh, baked and in salads
   Granny Smith (Available year round)
  • Bright green with a pink blush
  • Crisp bite and extremely tart
  • Perfect for pies
   Fuji (Available year round)
  • Yellow-green with red highlights to very red
  • Hard texture and superb flavor
  • Super sweet and excellent for applesauce
   Gala (Available year round)
  • Distinctive yellow-orange skin with red striping
  • A crisp, sweet taste 
  • Perfect take-along snack 
   Braeburn (Available October through July)
  • Greenish-gold with red sections to solid red
  • Blend of sweetness and tartness
  • Great for snacking and baking
   Honeycrisp (Available September through May)
  • Bright red and pale green skin
  • Sweet and tart
  • Great for snacks, salads and baking
  Cripps Pink (Available November through August)
  • Skin is pink blush over yellow
  • Sweet-tart taste
  • Flesh is firm and crisp
Please visit the Washington Apple Commission's Website at for more information on the history and nutrutional value of our Washington State Apples.
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